Instructions about the installation


This is the first requestor. It says: It has been concluded that you are doing the installation from a local volume. Do you want anyway simulate the running over the intranet?
In case of doubt please answer 'No'
You shall indeed answer No

This is the second requestor. Completely unuseful indeed. He says: It is impossible to install system files or shared files if they are in use. Before continuing, it is advisable to close the applications eventually in execution.
Normally you answer OK (the right button says exit from the installation).

This is the only important matter. First of all select the option button marked 'Xfoil', If you do'nt, you will install nothing useful. Second you may want to change the installation directory (by pushing the appropriate button). In english this should appear (but it is not compulsory) as C:\Program Files\Lancio. Finally click on the button with the icon of a computer. The rest should go on by itself. If a system file exists which is newer you should see the following requestor:

At left you have name, date and version of the file which was already present. The question says: do you want maintain the file which was already on this computer?
In case of doubt you should always answer Si (Yes)