The original Xfoil program has been converted in a full Window application. Original references to the the X11 window library have been subtituted by approprate API calls. The console command lines have been doubled by a complete Window popup-menu system.

Those willingto test the program may download the setup package: LancioXfoil.exe (5.05MBytes). This is e self-exploding compressed file which will export in the directory of your hard disk where you have downloded it a Setup.exe program and some cabinet files.

Setup.exe is a customization of the MicroSoft Setup Kit shipped with VisualBasic 6.0) and it speaks italian. I hope that this will not give difficulties to english-speaking people. A translation of the mainrequestorspresentedbythis program ispresented here.

During the installation process some problems may occur. Some of them are explained here

 After completion of the installation program you will have to launch the program %program files%\Lancio\Lancio.exe. Pls consider that the conversion to Windows of Xfoil is not complete and has some defects. Any feedback (to my E-mail) from interested users will be welcome.

The source code (in Fortran for Digital Fortran 5.0D) is here. I suppose that those having Compaq Visual Fortran Studio will have some work to do around the module files for Windows API calls. Keep in mindthat some Fortran routines call COM objects originally written in Visual Basic. Some of theseobjects are of general basic purpose, such fo rdisplyingcustom dialog windows. Other have been written specifically for WinXfoil. In order to run under Visual Studio you need to have those objects installed and registered on your computer. This can be obtained by executing the setup of the executable version:  (see herebefore).

Experts of WIndows API programming might want to contribute to this project


Ciccare sul link sottostante e rispondere che si vuole salvare il programma in una locazione di vostra scelta. E un file autoesplodente ( di 34.6 MB): lanciare poi il file Sup.exe

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